What Is Unitarian Universalism?

Drawing on All Wisdom

Unitarian Universalism comes out of the liberal Christian tradition.  It is grounded in the love and compassion of Christianity, as well as in the call for justice inherent in Judaism.

Over the years, Unitarian Universalism has evolved so that it draws on the wisdom of all the world’s faith traditions and belief systems, including that of science and reason.  Unitarian Universalism is an open, accepting, and free heritage that honors a diversity of life paths, sexual and gender orientations, cultures, and class orientations.

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Being a Unitarian Universalist, I find it easy to respect and honor your beliefs, whatever faith tradition – or lack of faith tradition – you identify with.

Holding Values of Love and Justice

That doesn’t mean, however, that anything goes.

We humans have the capacity to use any institution or system, including religion, to oppress and wound others.  Like Sophia Lyon Fahs, a Unitarian religious education, I believe that “It Matters What We Believe.”  Some beliefs lead to health and wholeness; others do not.

Values underlying Unitarian Universalist beliefs include respect, compassion, love, justice, and peace. As a Unitarian Universalist myself, and as a spiritual care provider, I believe that spiritual and religious practices and teachings should:

  • bring people together, not tear them apart;
  • foster love and joy rather than fear and anger;
  • encourage peace, freedom, and understanding rather than retaliation;
  • and contribute to emotional health and vibrance.