What Is Spiritual Healing?


Spiritual Healing Is . . .

A Journey

Grounded in the Sacred

A Stillness and a Listening

Through Spiritual Healing, transformation is possible.

Learn to embrace a spirituality that affirms life and connect with:
  • Your true self and innermost being;
  • Other people, nature, and the cosmos;
  • The Holy, the Life Force, God.

We manifest our spirituality by living as we were truly meant to live, vital and vibrant, experiencing the breadth of our emotions, choosing integrity, and expressing compassion. We grow our spirituality by praying, meditating, creating, walking, canoeing, loving, dancing, and more.

Learn to Be Still; Learn to Listen So you can Become:
  • Still, present, and calm;
  • Your best self;
  • Alive, joyful, and free.
We heal through the arts:
  • Listen, create, and perform;
  • Engage all your senses;
  • Release into the music, the words, the beauty.
Let Me journey with you:
  • Engage with ideas and words;
  • Perform the music;
  • Join a spiritual circle;
  • Share your thoughts and dreams.