Fee Schedule

At the moment, I am not taking new clients. However, I am happy to see if I can support you through the Universalist Recovery Church or recommend other options. When I do see private clients, I charge $100 an hour for spiritual counseling, but I offer a sliding scale, so please do not let cost be a barrier to getting support. Call me. I offer a free phone consultation that lasts about twenty minutes.

My fee for weddings and other rites of passage is generally between $250 and $450, plus mileage. This varies depending on the size of the wedding, how much of the service you create, whether or not there is a rehearsal, and other considerations.

For funerals and memorial services, I charge $250, plus mileage, although this is flexible depending on the type of ceremony and the number of visits I make getting to know you and your deceased loved one.

For preaching, contact me via email or phone (503-734-9634).